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23 dicembre 2013

H1N1 - USA: "Strano incremento" di decessi e di ricoverati per variante Virus che resiste ai farmaci (VIDEO - Update)


Health officials report about six confirmed deaths from H1N1in Texas, This is the same strain of H1N1 that caused a pandemic in 2009. Doctors have been seeing hundreds of new cases recently in Texas and nationwide. In fact, H1N1 is one of the viruses included in this year’s flu shot... MORE

Flu cases flood Crossroads doctors' offices - MORE

Alerte à la grippe aviaire au Texas - MORE

(UPDATEH1N1 Swine Flu Tamiflu Resistance Spreads To Mississippi - MORE

(UPDATE) Recent Nevada Deaths Linked to Flu

...Public health officials say to take these precautions to stay as safe as possible:

- If you're sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to keep from infecting them.
- Cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, and make sure you throw that tissue away in a trash can. Don't leave it around for others to accidentally touch. wash your hands often with soap and water.
- If you can't wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs spread this way.
- Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs like the flu... MORE

(UPDATE) 2 flu-related deaths in Beaumont linked to H1N1 -

(UPDATE) Flu Season Continues, Vaccines Still Important - MORE

(UPDATE) Pasco woman dies from swine flu, father asks everyone to get a flu shot  - MORE

(UPDATE) Travis County confirms H1N1 death - MORE

(UPDATE) 12/26 - H1N1 Flu Spreading in South-Central U.S. - MORE

(UPDATE) 12/26 - Medical experts: Flu vaccine may save lives - MORE

28 agosto 2013

Epidemie - Cuba: Focolaio di Colera, colpiti anche 3 turisti italiani (VIDEO - Update)

La malattia ha colpito già 163 persone, 12 sono turisti: tre italiani, due tedeschi, due cileni, due spagnoli, due venezuelani e un olandese. Otto uomini e quattro donne di età comprese tra 30 e 74 anni. Riguardo al focolaio esploso nell'isola caraibica, la Farnesina qualche giorno fa scriveva: "Non particolari condizioni di pericolo"... MORE 

Cuba reports cholera outbreak with 163 cases, mostly in Havana

Cuba has reported a new cholera outbreak with 163 cases, 12 of whom are tourists, though no deaths were mentioned, according to a bulletin from the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO. The update from 23 August is based on information provided by epidemiological authorities on the island... MORE

U.S. warns citizens of cholera outbreak in Cuba - MORE

(UPDATE) Prensa independiente: Varios muertos por cólera y decenas de contagiados en Güines - VIDEO

26 luglio 2013

Epidemie - CDC: Nasty stomach bug sweeping US (VIDEO - Update)

Oocysts of C. cayetanensis shown going from non-infective to infective and multiplying. Further description is below.

...The intestinal illness called cyclospora infection is caused by a one-cell parasite invisible to the naked eye. It takes about a week to incubate then causes intense diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps and pain, bloating, nausea and fatigue. Vomiting and body aches are also associated with infection, and it is common to feel extremely tired, according to the CDC. The outbreak in the U.S. appears to have started in Iowa about mid-June. The other outbreaks are primarily in Midwestern states, though cases have been confirmed in Georgia... MORE

CDC: U.S. patients suffering tropical infection - MORE

What We Know (and Don’t Know) About the Latest Stomach Bug Outbreak - MORE

Stomach virus linked to produce sickens 285 people in 11 US states - MORE

(UPDATE) Florida health officials are investigating 23 cases of stomach bug reported in 14 other states - MORE

(UPDATE) How Safe Is Your Produce? Cyclospora Infections Spread To 15 States, Cause Still Unknown - MORE

18 luglio 2013

Nucleare - Giappone: Fukushima 2013 - Mais a 2 teste e cavolo gigante, verdura e frutta radioattive (VIDEO)

...A due anni dal disastro alla centrale di Fukushima Daiichi provocato dallo tsunami dell’11 marzo 2011, frutta e verdura si sono trasformate assumendo forme inquietanti. Un blogger giapponese ha raccolto e pubblicato sul portale imgur.com immagini di ortaggi coltivati nei campi dei villaggi vicino alla centrale nucleare... MORE

Dopo l'incidente alla centrale nucleare la mutazione delle piante dimostra che la pioggia radioattiva sta creando danni a livello ambientale - MORE

Deformed Vegetables, Fruit Reportedly Pop Up Around Japan Nuclear Plant

...Timothy Mousseau, a biology professor at the University of South Carolina who is currently studying fauna in Fukushima, told ABCNews.com that there is some evidence for increased mutations in the area, but that the images that have emerged online would need follow-up studies to be confirmed as legitimate... MORE

Des fruits et légumes mutants engendrés par la catastrophe nucléaire de Fukushima - MORE

Scientists find mutant butterflies exposed to Fukushima fallout - MORE

Thyroid cancer risk for 2,000 Fukushima workers: TEPCO - MORE

2 aprile 2013

Epidemie - "Influenza A(H7N9)": Coldiretti, chiarezza su casi in Cina ma non allarmismi (VIDEO - Update)

Technicians wearing protection suits begin to cull poultry at Huhuai poultry wholesale market, where the H7N9 bird flu virus was detected in pigeon samples, in Shanghai April 5, 2013. Chinese authorities slaughtered over 20,000 birds on Friday at this poultry market in the financial hub Shanghai as the death toll from a new strain of bird flu mounted to six, spreading concern overseas and sparking a sell-off on Hong Kong's share market. REUTERS/Stringer

Technicians wearing protection suits begin to cull poultry at Huhuai poultry wholesale market, where the H7N9 bird flu virus was detected in pigeon samples, in Shanghai April 5, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer

Bird Flu Deaths Prompt Shanghai Poultry Slaughter (ABC News)

Influenza A virus subtype H7N9 WIKIPEDIA

(AGI) - Roma, 2 apr. - "Occorre fare chiarezza sui casi di contagio in Cina senza inutili allarmismi di cui in passato hanno beneficiato solo le case farmaceutiche". E' quanto afferma la Coldiretti nel commentare i casi di contagio dal nuovo ceppo di influenza aviaria, l'H7N9, che si sono verificati in Cina e sui quali sta indagando l'Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanita'... MORE

China Deaths Spark Concern About Novel Avian Flu Strain

...The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) in Beijing confirmed the cases on 29 March, after ruling out avian influenza strains H3N2, H1N1, H5N1, and the novel coronavirus that has begun to spread recently, according to the World Health Organization's (WHO's) Global Alert and Response Web site. China CDC has sequenced two different H7N9 strains, says George F. Gao, the agency's deputy director-general. It is still unclear where the outbreak originated. The patients may have been infected through contact with wild birds or poultry, Gao says; H7 viruses have been detected in both...

WHO's Deafening Silence On H7N9 Q226L - MORE

China steps up monitoring after more H7N9 bird flu cases - MORE

Shanghai, Anhui travellers monitored - MORE

Nanjing Jiangsu H7N9 Critical Case - MORE

(UPDATE) No bird flu virus found in dead pigs

...The report said H7N9 bird flu virus shows no signs of being highly contagious among humans and there are no vaccines against it anywhere as not much research has been done on the virus. Health authorities said the Shanghai Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center tested 34 pig carcasses pulled from the river but found no bird flu viruses... MORE

(UPDATE) China reports 4 more cases of new bird flu

...All were undergoing medical treatment and there was no evidence yet to link the four, who lived in different cities, it said in a statement... MORE

(UPDATE) 4 more seriously ill with H7N9 virus in Jiangsu - MORE 

(UPDATE) Thailand health authorities watch out for H7N9 strain of avian influenza -

(UPDATE) Airport watch up for new flu strain - MORE

(UPDATE) Frequently Asked Questions on human infection with A(H7N9) avian influenza virus, China
...How can individuals prevent A(H7N9) avian influenza infection?

Basic hygiene practices and food safety measures are prerequisites to prevent the transmission of many infectious diseases, including A(H7N9).
• Wash your hands often, especially: before, during, and after you prepare food; before you eat; after you use the toilet; after handling animals or animal waste; when your hands are dirty; and, more frequently, when someone in your home is sick.
• Hand hygiene is also necessary to prevent transmission in clinical settings to other patients and health care workers. Pathogens are removed by the mechanical action of hand washing. Alcohol disinfects (kills the pathogens).
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
• In environments where any highly pathogenic avian influenza virus may be present, hand hygiene, which includes hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand rubs, is critical to prevent possible viral inoculation of the nose, mouth and conjunctiva by contaminated hands... 

(UPDATE) Scientists: China Bird Virus Likely Silent Threat - MORE

(UPDATE) China reports another death from H7N9 bird flu - MORE

(UPDATEHangzhou H7N9 Cases Raise Concerns - MORE 

(UPDATE) Number of H7N9 cases in China rises to 14 with 6 deaths: DOH - MORE

(UPDATEQ226L Signals Recent H7N9 Human Adaptation - MORE

(UPDATE) CDC preparing bird flu vaccine - MORE

(UPDATE) Hong Kong girl tests negative for H7N9 flu virus - MORE

(UPDATE) China starts killing birds as 6th flu death is reported - MORE

(UPDATE) UN urges strict hygiene to avoid spread of H7N9 virus - MORE

(UPDATE) Israel's Health Ministry prepares for new, fatal bird flu from China - MORE

(UPDATEEighth H7N9 Death Reported - Suzhou Wuijiang Jiangsu - MORE

13 marzo 2013

Epidemie - Medioriente: 15th case of deadly new virus in Saudi Arabia confirmed (VIDEO)

...This is the 15th case of infection since the virus was first reported last fall when a Qatari man in Britain was infected after a stay in Saudi Arabia. Most cases have been in the Middle East or in patients, who had recently traveled there, and most of them were hospitalized with severe pneumonia and several also developed kidney failure... MORE 

Fatal case of coronavirus reported in Saudi Arabia; 15 cases so far - MORE 

OMS: il numero delle vittime affette dal nuovo coronavirus è aumentato a 9 -

Arabia Saudí comunica a la OMS otra infección con el nuevo coronavirus - MORE

New SARS-like virus is deadly -

(UPDATE) More Media Myths On Beta2c Coronavirus Transmission - MORE

(UPDATE) Receptor for new coronavirus found

...The nature of the DPP4 protein means that the virus could remain a persistent threat. The receptor protein is present in very similar versions in many mammals, including bats, non-human primates, and various domestic animals. The virus might therefore easily jump between species, and humans might continue to be reinfected from a potentially wide range of animal reservoirs. This aspect of DPP4 is consistent with results published last year showing that hCoV-EMC could infect bat, pig and human cells in vitro, an interspecies promiscuity not seen in the SARS virus or other coronaviruses... MORE

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