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22 febbraio 2011

Terremoti: Magnitude 6.3 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND (VIDEO - Update)

Instrumental Intensity Image

Depth: 4.9Km

EpicentroNEAR Christchurch, New Zealand
215 km (135 miles) SSE of Westport, New Zealand
305 km (190 miles) SW of WELLINGTON, New Zealand
315 km (195 miles) NNE of Dunedin, New Zealand
Google Sismo

AutoLoc Alerthttp://geofon.gfz-potsdam.de/db/eqpage.php?id=gfz2011dqyh


USGS LISS: http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml

Strong quake hits New Zealand; church collapses

Herald Sun News PHOTO - TVNZ News PHOTO

SKY News Australia LIVE - ABC News Australia LIVE

ABC News VIDEO 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

, New Zealand – A strong 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch on Tuesday, and there were reports of damage to some buildings.  Radio New Zealand reported that a church near the city center collapsed. The station also said staffers in its Christchurch newsroom had to cling to their desks during the shaking, with large filing cabinets toppling over... MORE

New Zealand city of Christchurch hit by strong earthquake - MORE

Second major quake for Christchurch - MORE

(UpdateFatality fears follow New Zealand quake near Christchurch

...The city is now suffering a string of major aftershocks as the search for survivors begins.The airport is closed, while the city's main hospital is being evacuated. Local reports say buildings are down “all around Cathedral Square in the city”, while the Christchurch Cathedral has suffered massive damage... MORE

(Update) Multiple deaths reported after quake hits Christchurch 

Collapsed buildings in Manchester Street - Source: Getty

"Multiple fatalities have been reported at several locations in the central city, including two buses crushed by falling buildings. A doctor and emergency services are attending," police said in a statement... MORE

(UpdateSisma in Nuova Zelanda, almeno 65 morti - MORE

(UpdateNuova Zelanda: Oltre 150 intrappolati - MORE

(UpdateEU sends condolences to casualties in New Zealand quake - MORE

(Update) Helpline for quake victim families - MORE

(UpdateQueen Elizabeth II 'shocked' by earthquake - MORE

(Update) TVNZ News - Live updates: Christchurch quake - MORE

(Update) Ice breaks off glacier after Christchurch quake

Source: NZPA - Many of the icebergs that caved into Tasman Lake as a result of the 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch.

The earthquake that struck Christchurch has caused some 30 million tonnes of ice to break off from New Zealand's biggest glacier... MORE

(Update) Christchurch hit by largest quake in historic time: experts - MORE

(Update) Christchurch quake: Fears 300 dead

...Christchurch Airport has reopened for domestic flights and it is expected the backlog will be cleared by the end of the day. But it will take longer to clear international flights which are expected to resume from midday, Christchurch International Airport chief executive Jim Boult said this morning. (NZPA)... MORE (Live Update)

7 gennaio 2011

Clima - Anomalie: “Aflockalypse”, Mass Animal Deaths Now Mapped on Google (VIDEO - Update)

The plot thickens: Rescue chief Christer Olofsson holds a dead bird in Falkoping, Sweden. Dozens of jackdaws were found dead on the street

Mystery: Officials initially blamed high-altitude hail or lightning hitting the birds. Then preliminary lab tests concluded they had died from ¿multiple blunt force trauma¿

Info Google
 Mass Animal Deaths

...Google Maps links reports of animal deaths, as well as reports of birds that have succumbed to the bird flu. By clicking on the blue balloons on the map you will be given a link that will provide the original news report. You can also click the links in the left side panel of the map. The map provides a quick look at where the mass, unexplained deaths are taking place... MORE

Mass dying of animals plotted on Google map - MORE

Faenza: La pioggia delle tortore morte si colora di blu 

...il WWF ne ha raccolte altre, non tutte già morte. Una decina, infatti, sono state inviate al Centro di Recupero Il Pettirosso di Modena, dove quelle arrivate ancora vive sono però morte poco dopo. Su tutto un mistero. All’interno del becco, in alcuni degli animali, la colorazione era di uno strano blu... MORE

Faenza: Sotto esame i cadaveri di alcuni volatili - MORE

Faenza: Birds dying in Italy - MORE

Millions of dead fish found in Maryland, Brazil and other parts of the world

2 million fish wash up in the Chesapeake Bay as experts puzzle over massive bird and fish deaths around the globe... MORE 

Task force clams up about pelican deaths - MORE

Hundreds of confused birds plummeted to their deaths in multiple locations in the U.S. - MORE 

Dead birds in Sweden killed by 'external blows' - MORE

Mysterious Animal Deaths Prompt Conspiracies - MORE

Top 10 Strange Mass Animal Deaths - MORE

Birds and Fish Dying a Coincidence Experts Say - MORE 

(Update) The Apocalypse, mass kills and the magnetic pole shift - MORE

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